2nd European Conference of Health Education and Research 2019

We are very pleased to announce that the 2nd European Conference of Health Workforce Education & Research will take place at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (Coláiste Ríoga na Máinleá in Éirinn) in Dublin, Ireland on Wednesday 9th and Thursday 10th January 2019. Hosted in collaboration with the RCSI Faculty of Nursing & Midwifery, the International Network for Health Workforce Education holds the conference to promote interdisciplinary co-operation and critical understanding of the latest research in the field of health workforce education, training and development. The event will bring together researchers, educators, trainers and policy makers from around the world.

Conference Programme

Partners and Sponsors

Conference Theme: Interprofessional Education 

There is now significant evidence to indicate that effective interprofessional education is an innovative strategy that enables effective collaborative practice and improves healthcare systems. The 2010 WHO Framework states that “after almost 50 years of enquiry, the World Health Organization and its partners acknowledge that there is sufficient evidence to indicate that effective interprofessional education enables effective collaborative practice”. The development of strong interprofessional teams to aid collaborative working practices must be imbedded thought out the working career of health professionals. This continual reinforcement of interprofessional skills will allow the health workforce to deal with an increasingly changing healthcare landscape. 

Global healthcare systems face increased demand for health services due to ageing populations, rising patient and workforce mobility, and a diminishing supply of health workers caused by retirement rates that surpass recruitment rates. Interprofessional education, along with other transversal or soft skills, is a necessary and important step in preparing the health workforce for these difficulties and challenges that are faced by both by newly qualified and establish practitioners. For policy makers the benefits of interprofessional education and collaborative practice can be seen in the evidence that implementation contributes to the transformation of health care, enhance patient care and thus control of costs. 

The European Conference of Health Workforce Education & Research allows participants to discuss the diverse possibilities and challenges of “Interprofessional Education” with international colleagues. The Conference would welcome presentations adopting local, national and/or international perspectives on: 

  • Teaching/Training: possible topics include pedagogy, assessment methods, curricula, innovation, technology
  • Research: possible topics include results from large-scale surveys, research projects, studies using innovative methods
  • Policy: possible topics include new policy initiatives, future policy directions being pursued by governments and private/non-governmental organisations.

Conference Sub-Themes 

  • Communication & Inter-Personal Skills 
  • Intergenerational Training 
  • Team Working 
  • Management and Leadership 
  • Planning and Organisation 
  • Problem Solving 
  • Intercultural Education 
  • Research Training