Barcelona 2024

4th International Congress of Health Education and Research

We are very pleased to announce that the 4th International Congress of Health Workforce Education and Research will take place in Barcelona, Spain from Wednesday 26th June to Thursday 27th June 2024. The event, postponed in 2020, is the 4th iteration of our main conference which we hold once a year and is the prime meeting place for international health workforce educators, researchers and policy makers. This two day event is held to promote interdisciplinary co-operation and critical understanding of the latest research in the field of health workforce education, training and development.

Key Dates:


Congress Theme & Programme

Congress Theme: "Building Collaborative Competencies"

Building collaborative competencies in healthcare education is crucial as it prepares professionals to effectively work in interprofessional teams, ensuring seamless coordination and patient-centered care. Collaborative competencies encompass skills such as effective communication, active listening, mutual respect, shared decision-making, and an understanding of diverse roles within healthcare disciplines. By developing these competencies, healthcare professionals can break down silos, enhance interdisciplinary collaboration, and improve patient outcomes. This collaborative approach allows for holistic patient care, leveraging the expertise of multiple disciplines to address complex health needs. It also improves the efficiency of healthcare delivery by streamlining workflows, facilitating timely communication, and ensuring coordinated interventions across different care settings. Ultimately, building collaborative competencies equips healthcare professionals to navigate the healthcare system effectively and deliver high-quality, patient-centered care.

Provisional Programme

We are delighted with the response our Call for Abstracts for #INHWEBarcelona2024. It is already shaping up to be one of our best conferences yet and you still have time to join us by registering online below. We have released our Provisional Conference Programme which includes our parallel sessions, keynote speeches, workshops and our very well received social events. We hope to see many of you in Barcelona!

Social Events
On the themes of health, networking and culture.




Abstracts Book
Including all abstracts and short papers invited for presentation.

Session Chair Guidelines
The Session Chair's duties focus very much on the smooth running of the programme and presenter satisfaction. The main tasks are:

Prior to start the session, please confirm with each presenter that their presentation files are saved on the laptop desktop. If a presentation is withdrawn, a presenter does not arrive, or a presentation finishes earlier than scheduled time, please anticipate the subsequent talk and use the time for questions or a short break.
During the session, we'd appreciate if the chair could be prepared to ask a question or two, in case no others come from the audience.
At the end of session, thank all the participants and the audience. Please make, when asked, any housekeeping announcements.

Presentation Protocol
Please stick to the following guidelines in the preparation of your presentation:

Presentation Time: All presenters have a fixed time for giving their presentation. For oral presentations, the total time slot will be 15 minutes, unless you have been directly contacted with alternate instructions. Prior to start the session, please sit in the front row to facilitate a quick hand over.

File Type and Format: Presentations must be prepared in either PowerPoint (type .pptx) or PDF format. The recommended page set-up is landscape orientation, standard fonts. Apple: Please give your filename an extension "pptx". Video/Audio: MOV or AVI are the only acceptable formats. Please note: as sessions will run in parallel, speaker volume in the rooms will be low.

Presentation Submission: Presenters are asked to bring their presentations on a USB stick. Each presenter will be responsible for sending their PowerPoint from their memory stick to the laptop desktop before the session starts. Please note that personal laptops can't be connected to the projectors (presentations on individual laptops is not an option). Upon request, staff members can assist with testing presentations before the session starts. A/V Equipment: The following equipment will be provided to speakers and presenters: Tables, Chairs, Projector, Screen, Laptop (Windows), Water station.

Digital Posters
Digital Posters will be uploaded on the INHWE website, then provided to all delegates via a QR code. Digital Posters will be displayed on screen along with other posters (rolling). A dedicated area (El Alto) is assigned for Digital Poster presentation and will be available for all networking events for both days.

Digital Posters should be a visual presentation of your submitted abstract/short paper and should meet the following criteria:

Presentation Time: Presenters are required to be in the dedicated area (El Alto) before the session starts at 13:45 on both days. The Chair of the session will be responsible for keeping the session within the time parameters stated on the programme. Members of staff will provide support with the technical side.

File Type and Format: Due to the digital nature of the posters, we are only accepting posters in PDF format. Printed posters or photographs of printed posters will not be permitted. Presenters are required to not exceed the limit of three slides for their Digital Posters (one-slide and two-slides posters are also welcome). Posters can be designed in either portrait or landscape format, knowing that a 75” TV screen will be used for slide showing the posters. For this reason, landscape format is suggested. Please use only static images and do not embed any videos or animation in your poster. Also, make sure that specific sections are easy to find in the poster e.g. objectives, methods, results, conclusions.

Digital Poster Submission: PDF files should be sent to by Monday 17th June 2024.



Registration for this event is now open >

Please note: the INHWE Network is a free membership community that brings together healthcare educators and researchers from all disciplines with an aim to improve the education and training provided to health workforce professionals across the globe. Non-members are warmly invited to sign up on today and take advantage of the discounted fee for INHWE Members.


  Early Fee Normal Fee Late Fee
INHWE Member 399 EUR 499 EUR 599 EUR
Non-Member 499 EUR 599 EUR 699 EUR
PhD/Student 299 EUR 399 EUR 499 EUR

10% discount for presenters and speakers

Social Programme


Health - Join us for a 5KM morning walk in the beautiful Parc Natural de la Serra de Collserola where a wide variety of Mediterranean flora and fauna will bring us into contact with nature. Considered Barcelona's "green lung", here you can enjoy nature in 8,000 hectares of protected parkland. The Mediterranean climate and varied relief of the land makes the park a thriving site for mixed woodland, with many examples of white pines and evergreen oaks, as well as riverside copses which alternate with farmland and brush.


Social – Join us for a relaxed and informal free welcome reception in El Alto. We always strive to make our events as inclusive as possible while enabling for multiple forms of networking and collaboration. We know that our events offer a packed programme of workshop, presentations and panels. Because of this we always want to ensure that our delegates have a space where they can unwind and our welcome reception offers the perfect environment to connect with other attendees over a complementary drink.


Culture - Join us for a tour of the Monastery of Sant Cugat. If you like medieval architecture and art, the monastic site, founded in the ninth century, is one of the greatest examples of medieval art in the Barcelona area. The Cloister is considered a jewel of Romanesque sculpture, one of the most important in Europe, and one of the best preserved. The decoration of its 144 unique capitals is particularly impressive. The Church itself is an exceptional place to clearly see the transition from Romanesque to Gothic styles


Sant Cugat del Vallès (Sant Cugat for short) is a municipality north of Barcelona, which has become an affluent suburb due to its location, its natural surroundings, and its pedestrian shopping area. The first architectures in the area date back to the 4th century, and the city still provides a medieval atmosphere. Sant Cugat has its own train station with a direct metro connection into Barcelona city centre.

Conference Venue: El Sant Cugat Hotel, Carrer de Cèsar Martinell, 2, 08172 Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona, Spain



Travelling to Barcelona

Visa Request Process

Delegates travelling to Spain may require to obtain a visa to attend the International Congress of Health Workforce Education & Research. Some may also request a letter from the International Network for Health Workforce Education to verify the attendance at the event. Embassies may need to verify that registration fees have been paid in full and may require applicants to appear in person for an interview, causing delays in the application process. We strongly recommend interested parties to apply for a visa no later than three months prior to the event. As the event organiser, we are keen to provide delegates with a visa invitation letter to verify their intent to attend the event. Please find out what you need to enter Spain based on your nationality here:

Travelling to Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is the major infrastructural hub of Catalunia, Spain, which is why it can be easily reached by a variety of means of transport. Barcelona El Prat Airport is conveniently located approximately 10km southwest of Barcelona. When you arrive at Barcelona El Prat, there are many ways you can get to the city centre. For detailed information, please visit:

For istance, the Aerobús is a private company offering direct transfers from Terminal 1 (T1) and Terminal 2 (T2) to Plaça Catalunya in the heart of Barcelona. The Aerobús buses are frequent, departing every 10 minutes, and the cost is 6,75 EUR one-way for adults (exact cash is not required):

Taxi service: the taxi ranks are just outside Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. The fare will be around 30,00 EUR, depending on time/distance (the taxi will be metered). Most taxis can take a maximum of four passengers. If you do have some passengers it can be a cost-effective way to get to the city centre, especially if you have to go to a specific location, and you have luggage:

Travelling to the Congress Venue

The International Congress of Health Workforce Education & Research will take place in Sant Cugat del Vallès (Sant Cugat for short). Sant Cugat has its own train station with a direct metro connection into Barcelona city centre. There are several FGC rapid transit lines (S1, S2, S5 and S55) linking Barcelona (Plaça Catalunya) and Sant Cugat with stops in all of Barcelona’s main stations. The Barcelona (Plaça Catalunya) - Sant Cugat commute departs every 5 minutes on average and lasts about 20 minutes: Online train search engine:


Accommodation reservation is done directly between the hotels and the participants. If you haven’t booked your accommodation yet, we strongly recommend to do it as soon as possible through the online search engines. The International Network for Health Workforce Education is unable to sell any accommodation directly but will try to help if there is a situation that you don’t have accommodation upon your arrival in Barcelona. Should you wish to book your accommodation in Barcelona, it is recommended to find a hotel that is located in the surroundings of the following train/metro stations: Plaça Catalunya, Provença, Gràcia, Sant Gervasi, Muntaner, La Bonanova, Les Tres Torres, Sarrià.



Info Package

Registration Desk
The registration desk will operate as follows:
Wednesday 26th June from 09:00 to 19:00
Thursday 27th June from 09:00 to 17:00
If you need assistance outside these working hours, please contact the hotel reception.

At registration you will be provided with congress badge and information about the event. Because the majority of attendees will be arriving on Wednesday 26th June, there may be a queue at the registration desk. If so, you can make time pass more quickly by for example enjoying a welcome coffee. Please keep your badge with you throughout the event as it is the entrance ticket to every session.

Internet Connection
Delegates who bring their own Wi-Fi enabled device will have unlimited access to a wireless network throughout the event.

We want to ensure that our excellent programme and presentations are disseminated far beyond the Congress. With this in mind we would like to offer the chance to conduct video interviews on your interests and research topics. These videos will be edited and posted on the INHWE channels to ensure knowledge transfer after the event. If you would like to take part in one of these videos then please contact us by e-mail.

Congress Evaluation
Your opinion is very important to us. We appreciate your feedback and will use it to evaluate changes and make improvements in our future events. Please do evaluate your overall experience together with the quality of each session you have attended. Our evaluation forms are mobile friendly and requires only few seconds to be submitted.

Special Requirements, Insurance
If you have any special needs (e.g. dietary, mobility) not indicated in your registration form, please let us know so we can make the necessary arrangement. Participants are advised to take their own personal travel insurance to cover for unexpected eventualities during the trip. The INHWE is not liable for personal injury, illness or loss of property of any participant during the event.